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I think that you give really good advice since you've helped me out a few times, and I just think that you're cool and beautiful. x

i have been told on quite a few occasions that i give good advice, it’s just a shame that i seldom take it in regards to my own life haha thank you so much, although i promise you i’m nowhere near as cool in person! :)

+ send me your assumptions about me and i’ll confirm or dispute them (also i promise not to be offended) +

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your Halloween aus are on point

thank you!

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a japanese company is about to start selling eye glasses based on type design.

this is a dream come true.

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What is it like working on How To Get Away With Murder? We are like rabid animals when we get these scripts. Recently we just got 1.04 and when it lands in our email boxes and, you know, we’re just trying to devour that episode on any device that is available to us, and it’s the fastest that I’ve ever read sixty pages ever.

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In Arabian folklore, a ghoul (ghūl) is a desert-dwelling demon that can assume the guise of an animal, usually a hyena. It is an evil spirit that robs graves and feeds on the flesh of the dead or on young children. They inhabit lonely places, especially graveyards. They also lure travelers into the desert, beguiling their victims with their beautiful singing and then devouring them.
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You're really intimidating. I kinda assume you're stuck up and mature and hard to talk to. You are very creative and an excellent writer. You are also beautiful, but that's not an assumption, just a fact.

i will totally agree with you about the intimidating (that one’s a defence mechanism of sorts), mature, and creative parts. i’ll disagree with the stuck up but at the same time i can be quite reserved which can come off as stand offish and snobby so i can sort of see where that’c coming from. again with the hard to talk to part, it kinds of depends on the person i’m talking to, but at times it can be extremely hard to talk to me. i wouldn’t say i’m an excellent writer, but then again no writer is ever willing to admit that they’re better than average at best. also thank you for that last comment, it was super sweet :)

+ send me your assumptions about me and i’ll confirm or dispute them (also i promise not to be offended) +

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#Sam is like #man it’s pretty chilly lemme just warm my hands on this burning corpse

fun fact: Sam warming his hands wasn’t in the script. Before they shot this scene the director was talking to Jared and mentioned that it was a cold night. Jared thought the director was telling him to show that it was cold out, so he did this

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Can you post the link to your Michael vampire au please :)

yep, it’s right here!

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oh my god. your new michael vampire au. yaaasssss, i love it!

thank you!

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Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested.

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